Attention Race Directors: Run Georgia averages more than 10,000 visitors a month!!!

Put your event Run Georgia for thousands to see and spend less.

About Premier Listings:
Premier Listings was created to give events an easy and inexpensive way for races to promote their event on the Internet. Over time Run Georgia has turned into one of the most effective and inexpensive marketing tools in Georgia.

What is a premier listing?
Premier listing have in-depth information about the race, race application, race results and more on the Run Georgia Web site - more than just the name of the race and the contact number you see on a calendar listing.

Why should you make your race a premier listing? The Internet has become a runner's way to find out information about races. By using this Web site you can promote your race easily, save money and save time.

Benefits of promoting your race on Run Georgia:

* Increased participation - the Web site promotes the race 24/7. Run Georgia averages more than 10,000 visitors per month. You can't be everywhere, all the time. Cut down on phone calls, mailed applications and missed opportunties.

* Saves money - fewer applications to print. Fewer applications to mail.

* Save time - Right now, the only way to find out information about your road race may be when you go to a Web site and only a contact phone number is given. A person may call you give them the information they ask for. But what if they forgot to ask something or you forgot to tell them something concerning the race - another phone call, more time taken out of your day - and the other person's day.

And what if you are not there to take a call, that maybe a missed opportunity to gain another entry into your race or you can let the answering machine pick up and let your prerecorded message direct them to the Web site ("if you are calling about the race, visit and click on My Race for information and an application").

The calls take time out of your day, time that can be used in help setting up the race and getting race sponsors, making your race better. The Web site will cut down on phone calls, but gives interested racers all the information they need.

***Some race directions don't like to admit it or don't realize it, but a race has competition. You are competing against other races for participants (On some weekends there are more than 15 events being held). Information is the key. Make your race stand out.

What is included? That is up to the race.
A race can include as much information as possible, such as:

  • Date and start time of the races.
  • Directions to the event.
  • Event application (saves printing costs and postage).
  • Event results (what every runner wants to know).
  • Course maps or description.
  • Prizes given at the event and for what age groups.
  • Event sponsors (a good selling point to the sponsors).
  • Packet pick up information.
  • Volunteer information. Purpose of event (charity, special group, etc.).
  • Participant list.
  • Course records.
  • Contact information (e-mail, phone number, address).
  • Local hotel information.
  • Race photos.
  • Local links (chamber of commerce, hotels, etc.)
  • and more.

Is there a cost? To list an event on the calendar is free. To post results on the site is free. To be a premier and have in-depth and unlimited information such as the current events listed starts at $50 per month. List longer than a month and save!

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